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Feel in control of your own health




The Bowen sessions last between forty five minutes to one hour. I will have a questionnaire for you to fill in order to accurately assess your case history. You will find questions about operations, accidents, medications and lifestyle, including diet and exercise.


During the session there will not be any conversation, as this will allow you to completely relax and experience the sensations that your body is expressing. In fact it is quite common to feel mild sensations of heat, cold, tingling even a change in the emotions. At the end of the treatment I will provide you with a form about “What to do and not do” after you received a Bowen treatment.






Seeing a homeopath is a much different experience than visiting your GP for a consultation. The homeopathic consultation will last between one hour and two hours.


No physical examination will be needed. I will ask a variety of questions about you and your family history, your physical symptoms, sleeping pattern, food preferences and what circumstances make you feel stressed.


It will be important to know how you express your feelings, in order to build up a picture of you as a whole person.


My focus will be on your unique experience of your illness.

By doing this I will be able to find a remedy that will help you to feel well again.

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