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About me..

"I am passionate about helping people to be and remain healthy."

/// Paola Meli

R.Hom.Int 22701




I decided to become a homeopath and Bowen therapist after witnessing the amazing results that these two natural forms of healing achieved on my closest family members and on my eldest daughter.


After qualifying as a Bowen therapist in London the integration between this healing modality and Homeopathy became the focus of my practice. The whole person is addressed and the connection between body, mind and emotions is considered fundamental when treating different conditions in a holistic way.

Bowen can address frozen shoulder problems, back pain, infertility and depression to name only a few. I treated successfully back pain, insomnia and stress related conditions.

I graduated as a professional homeopath after studying four years at Arcanum Homeopathic School in Stockholm, Sweden.


In the following years I continued my studies with Dr Luc de Schepper’s Post-graduate courses, in Helsinki and Dusseldorf. The focus has been to study in-depth the main remedies in conjunction with the many emotional states people express such as fear, anger and phobias.


The completion of the Advanced Course in Homeopathic Case-Management in Boston USA at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy gave me the opportunity to further expand my knowledge.


I treated a wide range of conditions, from chronic headaches, menopause symptoms and children illnesses to emotional imbalances, depression and anxiety.

I love my work and believe in empowering my patients to take charge and control of their own well-being.




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